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The Congregational Transformation Team is seeking to develop congregations. They will resource local congregations through the ministry of the new district deployed staff, District Leadership Strategists, who will focus on relationships that build up congregations. This team will work as well as with the many ministry teams that foster equipping local congregations through specific lenses.  

With the goal of creating intentional, effective disciple-making systems in all of our congregations, this team has joined together with the districts to make sure resources are distributed to the local church and team up to connect across district lines. We are trying this new way of creating strategy to increase the capacity of the local church to make disciples and will make adjustments along the way as we learn together.  The restructuring team believes that this is our next faithful step.

Instead of relying on funding as our greatest resource, this new relational organization will be relying on the spiritual gifts residing in the disciples in local congregations as its greatest resource. Committed, adaptive leadership will be required and positional leadership will no longer be enough.

Agile, adaptive leaders who value the mission and seek to connect resources in the conference as they empower the local church are nominated to do this new work. 

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Congregational Transformation Team:


Melinda Young Britt

Trey Carey

Lisa Martin

Amy Moritz

Charles Smith

Allen Stanton

Judy Stevenson

Mike Waldrop

Ricky Lee

Whitney Mitchell

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