Congo Women Arise: Letter from Rev. Neelley Hicks

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Jambo! Habari?

I hope that you are brushing up on your Swahili these days! After all, you may Be part of the team going to Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (July 13 – 27, 2017). There, we will meet our brothers and sisters – helping them in local ministries and supporting “Congo Women Arise” – an initiative of the East Congo Partnership (East Congo, Tennessee, Memphis and Cal-Pac).

The Partnership is currently working together to raise funds for the “Mama Lynn Center” named after Bishop McAlilly’s wife, Lynn. The Center is needed to provide transitional housing, counseling, and classes for income-producing skills. Depending upon progress made by local efforts, we may be making bricks and preparing the foundation for this place of refuge for many.

A meeting will be held at Buffalo UMC on January 28 at 10 am with Rev. Randy Cooper and myself co-leading. A deposit of $300 is needed at that time, if you plan to go. I hope that you will join us on this sacred journey where our faith will be deepened, and the Kingdom strengthened. Baraka!

Rev. N. Neelley Hicks