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Over the past two school years, the Environmental Education program at Cedar Crest has offered hands-on learning experiences for classrooms, including public schools, private schools, and homeschool pods.  During this season, Cedar Crest Environmental Education is pleased to also announce that they are available to provide family unit programming for hands-on learning this Fall and Winter, they have options from 2nd grade to high school.

Access to outdoor spaces is a crucial need for learners today, and their staff looks forward to providing families with environmental education experiences that are immersive, valuable, and restorative during this pandemic. Given the current state of K-12 education and the myriad approaches of Tennessee’s regional school districts to this school year, Cedar Crest staff believes that this move to focus on family programming is one of the best options for them to continue providing access to place-based, experiential programming for learners of all ages.  If your family or community has a pod of learners or a small group of students, they are invited to come and learn science in hands-on, engaging ways!

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Cedar Crest is adapting the traditional classroom-oriented classes to a family-centered model that can provide positive learning experiences for parents, guardians, and children. These experiences will be collaborative explorations of place where your family can share curiosities, prior knowledge, and expertise in order to enhance the experience. Staff at Cedar Crest are looking forward to providing learning experiences that invite your family and their staff to engage with the world around you, ask questions, and continue to develop the call to environmental justice on behalf of all communities.  Their professional staff of licensed teachers and naturalists are ready to supplement your student’s learning experience.

Cedar Crest invites you to reach out to their staff if you have K-12 children that would benefit from more concrete learning experience in the ecosystems of middle Tennessee. Please email Environmental Education Director, Phil Salter, at phil@cedarcrestcamp.org for all inquiries and questions. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to explore what is happening at Cedar Crest and how their EE program is seeking to support learners.