Cedar Crest Camp | 5 year impact report

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Cedar Crest Camp will end 2017 having served thousands of children, youth, and adults in the Tennessee Conference through summer camp and retreat programming. More than 70 local churches were represented in Cedar Crest’s 2017 summer season campership, and a host of other churches and conference connectional ministries contributed to spring and fall retreat seasons full of growth and connection.

Cedar Crest is thrilled to announce that summer camp attendance has grown 251% and more than 5,000 retreat guests have been served in the past 5 years. Program, facilities and staff additions have paved the way for this growth under the partnership of Bishop McAlilly, the Board of Camps, Rev. Dickie Hinton, CFA, and dozens of local churches.

Russell Casteel, Cedar Crest Director, has recently proceeded Rev. Dickie Hinton as the Director of Camp and Retreat Ministries for the conference. In 2018, Cedar Crest will grow even more through continued program expansion for all ages during both summer camp and retreat season, through new youth leadership, missional outreach, and environmental education initiatives.

Dive into the 2017 impact report to see the long lasting effects of camp and retreat ministry, and how you can share in the journey.

Summer Camp Registration for 2018 is now open and underway– take part in the transformation happening at camp!