An Amazing start at Belmont Wesley!

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We are deeply thankful for an amazing start to the academic year at Belmont Wesley Fellowship. We have welcomed over twenty new students to our events so far and will continue to reach out so that every student on campus knows that there is a campus ministry where they belong and will be loved. We are particularly thankful for the growing connection with local churches which enables us to serve as an extension to their ministry with college students and young adults. One of our new students, Burton Wills, shows how crucial this intentional connection can be. Burton’s youth minister, Kylan Burgess Hadley at East End UMC, brought Burton to one of our events when she was a junior in high school and considering Belmont for her college choice. Thanks to that introduction, we were able to stay in contact with Burton and welcome her fully into Belmont Wesley Fellowship.

Here’s what Burton has to say: “Before coming to Belmont, I already felt at home due to the connection with Belmont Wesley Fellowship and the support I knew I would receive as I began my college experience. After attending a few events and see how connected everyone is with each other and God, I cannot wait to get more involved and explore all the ways to grow in my faith through Belmont Wesley Fellowship.”

We give thanks for the continued support of churches and look forward to more ways of connecting in ministry together. #bettertogether

Rev. David Hollis is the Executive Director of Belmont Wesley Fellowship. Contact David.