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Submission Guidelines | Annual Conference 2018



Submission deadline was April 10, 2018, to reports@tnumc.org in order to be included in pre-conference materials. Reports can be submitted for entry into the 2018 Annual Conference Journal until June 30, 2018, as per Standing Rules.

The 2018 journal will follow a similar format as last year’s journal. All reports that are to be included in the 2018 Tennessee Annual Conference Journal must adhere to the following specifications:

  • Word document – Clarity and brevity are appreciated. If you can say it in one page or less, please do.
  • 8 ½” x 11” page with 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Use 10 pt. Times New Roman typeface
  • Photographs (attached separately) as JPGs – please obtain permission from any persons pictured as well as from the photographer. Note: we will not be able to use all photographs submitted.
  • Use Tennessee Conference Journal Style Sheet 2018 for guidance on capitalization, punctuation, dates, etc. This is to ensure the journal has a consistent look and flow. Example: upper case the “b” in bishop when used as a proper noun (Bishop McAlilly), but lowercase the “b” in bishop when using the title without a name (the bishop said). Please use only one (1) space after periods and semi-colons.
  • If you have any questions about format, please contact journal.editor@tnumc.org.



Submission deadline was April 10, 2018, to resolutions@tnumc.org in order to be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee for inclusion with pre-conference materials. The submitted resolutions will appear online at tnumc.org/resolutions (after review by that team).

Financial resolutions will be printed and distributed on the floor of the Annual Conference. Printing of any resolutions received after the April 10 deadline is your responsibility. (Please bring 1,200 copies.)

Resolutions will be posted to the conference website after the Resolutions Committee meets to review them. Resolutions will be included in the 2018 Tennessee Annual Conference Journal. Please use the following specifications when submitting a resolution: