A Harmonious Statement of Faith

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By Rev. Myriam Cortes and Rev. Melisa  J. Derseweh


God is here!

We knew the Spirit of God was very real and present among us on March 1, 2020.

Iglesia Metodista Ebenezer Fellowship Fellowship (Ebenezer) and Connection UMC gathered together to share Holy Communion, a fellowship meal and a mission project.

Rev. Myriam Cortez, senior pastor at Ebenezer, led us through the beloved words of the Holy Communion liturgy as Spanish and English mingled into one harmonious statement of faith.

No singular language was needed. The look in their eyes full of joy and hope as we were present together in unity was enough. Our diversity in language, race, color, age, and gender was the most valuable thing we could give to each other.

Smiles, tears of joy, and expressions of love abounded as we progressed together in the Hickory Bend UMC. We sang, again in two languages, with enthusiasm as true worship became tangible among us.


Those are the moments that remind us that the spirit in you recognizes the spirit in each of us — the Holy Spirit.

A delightful fajita meal was served by Ebenezer as we gathered around tables mixing people who had never met before. We used our limited second language skills, gestures and smiles to communicate.

All the tables were full and many didn’t have a place to sit as there were more than 140 people gathered together, but it didn’t matter. We did what we do in our own homes when family and friends come over. We sit or stand laughing and sharing stories.

Deaconess Debbie Byrd led us in how to build a Hope Kit, a gallon plastic bag filled with crayons, paper, and other art and writing supplies. These kits will be given to children at the US/Mexico border.

Rejoice with us! God is here!


Connection UMC is the new church brought together through a “merger plus” of Andrew Price Memorial UMC and Hickory Bend UMC in an effort to be more responsive in serving Christ and our neighbor. The Hickory Bend campus is utilized on Sundays by Ebenezer Fellowship. Ebenezer will continue joyfully and hopefully living in our faith and seeking to be in partnership with our brother’s and sister’s in Christ.


Complete slideshow of event:

Connection and Ebenezer UMC March 1 Event (3)