5 Tips for Coping with Covid-19 Anxiety

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In her video report, “Coping with Covid-19 Anxiety,” Washington Post reporter Nicole Ellis and Dr. Jennifer Yip, executive director at the Renewed Freedom Center for Rapid Anxiety Relief, discuss five tips to preserve your mental health in this time of confusion and uncertainty.

The fear that many people feel right now, said Dr. Yip, is a reaction from the flight or fight response being triggered in the brain. The easiest way to limit this response is by focusing on what can be controlled instead of what cannot, which lead to the five mental health tips to help people deal with coronavirus anxiety:

  1. Get Dressed
    Even though it’s easy to only get dressed from the waist up for video conferences, it’s important to get fully dressed. Dr. Yip emphasized the importance of dressing the part to feel the part.
  2. Establish a routine
    While you cannot control what happens outside of your space, you can control your own space. It’s important in this season of uncertainty to maintain or create some sense of stability, consistency, and structure.
  3. Give yourself permission to worry
    Find 10 – 15 minutes to allow yourself to get all of the worries out. Grab a pen and paper and write it all down. Then put it away and push on.
  4. Be social
    While being social in person isn’t possible right now, there’s plenty of technology to keep us connected. It’s important to create intentional space to socialize by calling or Facetiming our friends or coworkers.
  5. Set goals
    These are referred to as “quarantine resolutions.” Now is the perfect time to finish the projects that have been put on the back burner, pick back up your New Year’s resolution or even learn a new skill.

Remember: These are just tips. Please do not be afraid to seek help from a mental health professional in this time of confusion and struggle.

Source: The Washington Post, March 20, 2020