Love & Justice 2019 Grant Application

DEADLINE: November 22, 2019



Grants are gifted to churches, groups of churches or ministries outside the church walls, working to meet the needs of the local community and the recipients of services through love and justice. The recipients and their ministries are Wesleyan in nature, inviting communities to work toward a greater balance of the Wesleyan works of mercy, namely compassion and justice (personal and social holiness).

• Preference is given to applicants who include members of the local community and the recipients of services in the planning and organizing of the ministry and to those who are seeking to enter into or deepen long-term mutual relationships with the of the local community and the recipients of services. This helps ensure that ministries are “with” rather than “to” or “for” others.

• Love and Justice Grants are designed to help United Methodist disciples of Jesus Christ follow his teachings to love God and to love neighbor, especially the neighbor in need. Love of God bears fruit as love of neighbor through works of love and justice.

• Preference is also given to ministries which address justice issues rather than simply compassion or “charity;” going beyond direct services to promoting systemic change and collective compassion, rather than individual or personal ministries alone (even though these are crucial and cannot be neglected).

• Grant recipients are also encouraged to provide opportunities for participants to reflect theologically on the experience of ministry so that it becomes part of the ongoing spiritual formation of the group and those involved.

• Recipients will provide Church & Society with follow-up reports every 3 months from the date of distribution. Your reports will let us see how the measurable goals are going and provide support if you are having difficulties.

• A member of Church & Society will be assigned to work with you through the completion of funding. If a grant is awarded, reporting details and the name of the Church & Society member will accompany your check.

Download Fillable pdf: 2019 Love & Justice Grant Application

Download Word Version: 2019 Love & Justice Grant Application