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Director of Youth Ministries / Connell Memorial UMC

113 Church Street
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072

Send resume and cover letter to Connell Memorial UMC, 113 Church Street, Goodlettsville TN 37072, or cmumc@bellsouth.net.

Job Title: Director of Youth Ministries
Department: Ministerial/Administration
Reports to: Senior Pastor
Presented to and edited by SPRC on 3/19/20

Job Summary: The people of Connell Memorial United Methodist Church (CMUMC) are passionate about building a loving and accepting community that serves others. The work of the Director of Youth Ministries is to lead the youth of CMUMC and of the surrounding community by guiding them on their Christian journey and helping them grow spiritually through a comprehensive discipleship program of activity-based fellowship, retreats, service, and missions. This position is based on an annual expectation of 1250 hours; a workload averaging 25 hours a week.

The youth ministry at Connell Memorial United Methodist Church is a core ministry of the congregation and will involve as many of the adults as possible as many times as possible. CMUMC believes that the family is the primary faith-forming unit and that the Church is an extension of the home in the lives of children and youth.

 Serve as minister to the youth of the congregation and their families, guiding them on their faith journey and helping them grow spiritually.
 Develop, implement, and sustain a comprehensive program for regular and recurring activity-based fellowship, retreats, and service/mission work in a Christian environment for middle and high school youth, and their families. (Sunday School, weekly meeting, 2 annual retreats, quarterly mission projects like Last Minute Toy Store, administer to CMUMC shutins, volunteering at Help Center, volunteering at Room In the Inn.)
 Foster a personal relationship with every youth and their families that includes attending extracurricular activities (school, sports, the arts) for students, and regularly spending time with the families. (at least quarterly)
 Ensure that the ministry aligns with the church’s overall mission and vision, such as cultivating an atmosphere of belonging and fellowship; encouraging spiritual development; and identifying opportunities to serve each other and the community.
 Communicate with parents, youth, and volunteers through weekly emails, quarterly highlight sheets, ‘day of’ reminder messages, and twice a year parent meetings.
 Youth with parent activities event quarterly or before major events.
 Participate in youth council committee meetings for planning and oversight.
 Recruit volunteers, train them to be effective youth ministry volunteers, and then ensure that all volunteers are Safe Sanctuaries trained (child abuse prevention) and that Safe Sanctuaries is adhered to at all times.
 Directly or through volunteers schedule, plan, and execute the youth ministry programs (Wednesday nights and Sunday School) and activities (once a month Sunday Night REVIVE, mission trips, fellowship activities, WNW).
 Integrate the youth ministry into the life of the church as a whole (CMUMC and UMC).
 Create budget for youth ministry and adhere to it throughout the year.
 Maintain a current contact list of youth and their family members which also includes inactive members of CMUMC.
 Facilitate regular involvement of children, youth, and families in worship services as musicians, lay readers, and acolytes.
 Seek out new ideas to develop the youth ministry by attending appropriate training workshops, seminars, and meetings, and by networking with other youth directors.
 Maintain a relationship with graduates as to keep them connected to the church.
 Maintain an awareness of changing teenage culture.
 Foster good stewardship of the use of CMUMC facilities and resources. The Director of Youth Ministries has specific responsibilities for the appearance and functionality of the Kroll House.
 Establish and post regular weekly office hours, and be available in the office during those times.
 Be a part of CMUMC’s ministerial staff and willing to do other appropriate staff tasks as needed.

Spiritual Expectations:
 He/she is considered a part of the ministerial staff and will conduct him/herself in a manner as is expected of a ministerial professional and a Christian leader of the church.
 Models standards and expectations of leaders in our church, including worship attendance, a lifestyle of tithing and generousity, and serving out of call and giftedness.
 Commits to a healthy spiritual life style.
 Deeply loves young people as Christ loves.

Education and Experience:
 Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree in Youth Ministry.
 Paid church staff experience.
 Experience working with youth/young adults.
 Education in theology (preferred).
 Specialized training in youth ministry (preferred).

Activities Typical of the Former Director of Youth Ministries
 Plan retreats (camping)
 Create budget
 Plan trips (WNW, Mission Trips, one day trips)
 Plan once a month Sunday night youth and family events
 Contact work (hanging out with students outside of church, getting lunch or coffee)
 Attend sporting events, band concerts, dance recitals, etc.
 Plan committee meetings
 Interact with MDO students and teachers
 Build relationships with parents
 Recruit Sunday School teachers
 Plan events with children’s ministry
 Select appropriate curriculum
 Design swag
 Write postcards to students that have been gone for a while
 Care packages for college students
 Birthday cards for youth
 Keep youth social media updated (IG and FB)
 Contribute to church Facebook
 Fundraise when needed
 Stock snacks in Kroll House
 Plan mission activities
 Trunk-Or-Treat
 Keep Kroll House updated with Pictures
 Recruit volunteers
 Have parent meetings
 Send students cards twice a year during finals
 Safe Sanctuaries trained and make sure volunteers are trained
 Keep in touch with graduates/college students