One Body-Integrating Youth Into the Life of the Church – Rev. Sam Halverson

One Body addresses how even the most active youth ministries can unknowingly hinder the development of their adolescents by preventing them from being integrated into the body of Christ. It also reveals practices that hinder growth within the body and suggests some exciting ways to connect the stories and lives of the youth and adults in your church.

Let’s get teenagers out of their ministry silos—their youth group ghettos—and start building relationships beyond the youth room. Let’s dream together of moving our congregations toward a better understanding of their biblical call to disciple and be One Body with youth.

Sam Halverson has served as a youth minister in the local church for over 30 years. He is an ordained United Methodist elder currently serving as associate director of connectional ministries for the North Georgia Conference, directing and resourcing youth ministries for almost a thousand churches. Sam is the author of three books for youth ministry. Sam, his wife, and their two teenagers live in Canton, Georgia.