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Awaken Nashville 2019

Across the City and into the neighborhoods, we are praying for every person by name…

The Word became flesh and blood,

    and moved into the neighborhood.

We saw the glory with our own eyes,

    the one-of-a-kind glory,

    like Father, like Son,

Generous inside and out,

    true from start to finish.


How will we know the fruits of our prayers? When will know how they will be answered? What will we see and who will we be when God acts?  These questions begin to remind us that often our prayers lead us into something far greater than we could have imagined. One moment of faithfulness leads to another…and another…and another.

Another faithful moment is unfolding right now.  Perhaps you have heard, or maybe you’ve been busy and this hasn’t come up on your radar. But here it is:  Awaken Nashville is a unifying, city-wide movement of praying and fasting for every person and neighborhood in the Greater Nashville area. This will be happening January 27th – February 24th  (30 days).  Already over 300 churches and faith organizations are involved.

During a time when we are praying about decisions in our treasured faith tradition, perhaps this is another way we can look wide into the face of God and pray for all the people in our community.  When God acts, it is through the body of Christ scattered across our land. It involves every tribe, nation and language.  Prayer and fasting have consistently been a part. This is something we know well. It is part of our spiritual heritage.

As we all know vision inspires but plans produce confidence.  Here is the plan: watch the vision video and decide if you would like to participate.  Churches can distribute packets if they desire; individuals can also access everything online.  Spanish and English materials are available.  Pray as you are guided by the Spirit, or simply use the guide provided.

Imagine it….the entire Greater Nashville area (surrounding counties) being covered in prayer and fasting.  What might we see when we seek the Lord in prayer for others as a community?  What will the people in the Greater Nashville area think about a faith community that lays down its boundaries and rises up in prayer for them?  Let’s be found among those praying!