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Bookkeeper, Treasurer & Financial Secretary / Springfield UMC

Part-time Position Available
Bookkeeper/Finance Secretary/Treasurer

Description of Duties
Springfield First United Methodist

Work with all committees and chairpersons to provide financial information when needed. Review profit and loss and report any budget overruns to Pastor, Committee Chairperson and Finance Committee Chairperson.
Copy minutes and financial reports for all committee members for Trustees, Church Council, Finance/Stewardship . Give financial report at meeting.
Pay all invoices for Church on a weekly basis. Verify that all receipts and invoices are approved by the appropriate committee member or staff member(either by signature or email approval) and have the checks signed by 2 of the approved signers on the account in accordance with the church’s Financial Policies and Procedures.
Deposit all funds(other than contributions) that are received by the church and insure that they are credited to the appropriate fund. Be sure that any items which should be credited as a contribution go through the Financial Counters per the Financial Policies and Procedures of the church.
Reconcile bank statements for all accounts and print month end reports .Maintain a copy of these reports for church records.
Handle any exceptions on deposit accounts (Returned checks, deposit adjustments, etc) and be sure that documentation is complete and accurate.
Each Monday morning (or the appropriate day after a Monday holiday) work with the Financial Counters to enter the previous Sunday’s contributions into CCIS. Prepare a weekly financial report for the Pastor and Finance Chairman showing the current financial status on giving. On designated weeks, provide these totals to the Secretary for publication in the newsletter no later than end of business on Tuesday.
Initiate ACH drafts for electronic giving-2nd and 4th Thursdays- through online banking system. Post deposits to Quickbooks. Give contribution list to Secretary to be enter on CCIS (dual control) Check individual entries after CCIS posting. Make any changes or cancellations to ACH drafts and be sure paperwork is prepared and signed to support this change. Maintain these records for audit purposes.
Balance Quickbooks totals with CCIS contribution totals quarterly.
Send out quarterly contribution statements to members after Quickbooks and CCIS is reconciled.
Send out Easter,Thanksgiving and other special offering mailings to all congregational families. Order special offering envelopes (out of season) and keep stock of all envelopes so that they are available when mailing is due.
Make arrangements for the collection and deposit of special offerings taken at all special services. (Maundy Thursday, Community Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Special guest offerings)
Handle record retention of all financial information for church. Put items in banker boxes and mark clearly for storage with date and date of destruction. Insure that items are properly destroyed by shredding at the destruction date.
At the beginning of the year or as committee members change, provide the bank with necessary documentation to make appropriate changes to the signers on the checking accounts. This would include the minutes from committee meetings and the new signer’s personal information. Keep copies of all signature cards for church records.
Work with committees and staff on financial aspects of special events and fundraisers such as Alleluia Auction, Faith in Action, Adult and Youth mission trips, Choir trips, Vacation Bible School, Poinsettia and Easter Lilly sales.
Prepare budget worksheets for work areas to begin the budget process in late summer. After worksheets are turned in, meet with Finance Committee and prepare the budget to present to Church Council.
Set up the new budget in Quickbooks after it is approved by Finance, Church Council and at Charge Conference.
Make appropriate changes to payroll system for salaries and pensions changed by the new budget.
Prepare Treasurer report for Charge Conference in the fall.
Prepare Financial Reports for Year End Conference reports.
Enter Year End Conference report information for all staff members and provide the final permanent report for Pastor and for the church file.

Do payroll every 2 weeks (26 payrolls per year) on ADP. Download payroll to Quickbooks and make adjustments. Distribute payroll checks. Make any salary or personal information changes on ADP as necessary.
Set up all new vendors, musicians, etc in QuickBooks system and obtain W-9 forms on each entity. Make any appropriate changes to this information.
Distribute W-2 forms prepared by ADP to all employees.
Prepare 1099 MISC forms and distribute to contract labor. File 1096 with IRS.
Provide Human Resource services for new employees. Obtain W-9 and W-4 forms as well as current personal information. Enter new employees into payroll system.
Provide Tennessee Separation notice to all terminated employees within 24 hours of last working date.

In Spring and Fall, notify Heart meal donor of the dollar amount and how many meals there will be for each session. When donation is made, see that it is run through the Financial Counters and is credited to the giving statement of the donor.
Take up money for Wednesday Nights Together
Serve as assistant to House and Grounds Chairman. Work with repair persons to insure the resolution of House and Grounds issues.
Provide support to Trustee Chairman, Finance Chairman and other committee chairpersons by sending out committee emails, maintaining permanent files for minutes and keeping a current list of vendors working on church repair. Maintain information and files on all Trusts, Wills, Estates that have the church as beneficiary. Maintain all files on property owned by the church.

Send all inquiries and applications to jerry.wallace@tnumc.com.