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It is the responsibility of the Committee on Resolutions to consider every resolution that has been submitted with the intention of being brought to the floor of the Annual Conference.  We do not vote on the content or consider whether we agree with the point of view of the maker of the resolution that has been submitted. Instead, the parameters of our assigned task are twofold.

The first task of the Committee on Resolutions is to determine if a proposed resolution is consistent with the Book of Discipline, especially the Constitution and Articles of Religion.  If it does not pass the constitutionality test than it is our duty to recommend to the Bishop and the Annual Conference that it be ruled out of order. The resolution will still be printed, however (in this case being posted electronically) and on the floor, our recommendation can be changed.

The second task that Committee on Resolutions must undertake is to determine whether a resolution can pass the test of concurrence. Some of the questions the Committee considers are: Is there a clearly discernable and actionable step defined in the “Therefore, be it resolved?”   Is that action step within the legislative authority of the Annual Conference? Does it meet the requirements of the Annual Conference Standing Rules?

Please consider these criteria for the resolutions posted below.

Rev. Jeremy Squires, TN Conference Resolutions Committee Chair

Please review the resolutions submitted to the 2019 Annual Conference.

New Conference Resolution Revision Explanation: After the submission deadline for all resolutions, the Cabinet discovered that where a necessary step was included in the resolution, it was left out of the corresponding exhibit.  Instead of posting the same resolution twice with this addition the resolutions committee has highlighted the revision in red to indicate the language in the resolution and the corresponding change to the exhibit to match it.  

Inclusion Resolution Revision Explanation: The Resolution Committee reviewed this resolution, and after consultation with our Conference Chancellor, identified concerns regarding its constitutionality and concurrence in its original form.  According to our defined role under the Standing Rules, we do not offer input on the substance or content of resolutions but may offer input as to whether they meet the tests of concurrence and constitutionality.   Therefore, we explained to representatives of the makers of the resolution the Committee’s concerns regarding constitutionality and concurrence of certain language in the resolution.  A revised resolution was submitted to address these concerns, and representatives of those who submitted the original resolution indicated that the revised language was consistent with their intent while addressing the constitutionality and concurrence issues.  The Standing Rules provide that the Resolutions Committee may offer a revised version of the original resolution, along with the original resolution, at Annual Conference.   Therefore, both the original resolution and the revised resolution that addresses the concerns of our Committee are posted.

Housing-Pension Resolution Explanation: It was brought to our attention that the standard annual pension housing resolution was not submitted which is typically printed in the Journal as “Resolution #1”. This is verbatim the same resolution approved every year (with a minor revision changing “GBOPHB” to “Wespath”). Since this came in after the deadline, at the end of our reporter, we will request that the standing rules be suspended to address this clerical oversight. 

Cabinet Resolutions (All were approved)