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First Load of Disaster Supplies Sent from TNUMC

Thanks to the quick response of several TNUMC volunteers, Rev. Robert Craig, our Area-wide Disaster Response Coordinator, was able to respond quickly to a special request and drive a truck full of supplies to the UMCOR warehouse in Northern Alabama this weekend.

Last Thursday evening, the supplies were loaded on to a truck by Charles and Aimee Welchance, and Chris Cook from Hamilton UMC, Steve and Jeanne Davis from Providence UMC, and Ben Monshor from Franklin First UMC. There were about 800 Cleaning Kits (“flood buckets”) – 300 from Providence UMC as well as about 500 from the Conference Center storage unit. Also loaded on to the truck: 600 Hygiene Kits, 10 cases of respirator dust masks, wheelbarrows, and mosquito repellant.

Volunteers from Smyrna First UMC

Unfortunately, there was trouble with the rental truck as Robert was leaving our area, but volunteers from Smyrna First UMC came to his rescue! Within a few hours, Trevor Gentry, Nancy and Lefty Barnett, Tim Sweeney, Tom Wright, and Richard Schilling had unloaded and re-loaded the supplies and buckets on to a different rental truck to get Robert back on the road to Alabama.

Robert said, “While at the North Alabama Disaster Response Depot, I learned that there is a kit specific for tornado cleanup. This is not a kit that Sager Brown typically stores but the regional depot does.”

He added, “We should include this in our request for supplies in the coming weeks.”

Robert encourages churches that have storage space available to continue to collect disaster supplies. Along with the tornado kits, the desperate needs are 20-inch box fans, 25ft extension cords, 2-gallon garden sprayers, square-tipped shovels, garden rakes, hygiene kits, and cleaning kits.  In addition to the supplies listed above, needed supplies also include 2-wheel wheelbarrows and mosquito repellant.

How to help financially

Financial donations to disaster response efforts in the affected locations also are needed. Please use the links below:

Click here for #901670 U.S. Disaster Response Advance.

Click here for #901440 Material Resources Advance.

If you wish to donate directly to affected UMC Conferences

Alabama-West Florida Conference:  hurricane-michael-recovery-12221022

North Carolina Conference Disaster Response https://nccumc.org/disaster/#gform_42

North Georgia Conference Disaster Response  https://www.ngumc.org/donatenow.

South Carolina Conference Disaster Response http://www.umcsc.org/data/disasterresponsedonation.php