United Methodist Student Movement at Cumberland University is going strong!

It is year three for the United Methodist Student Movement at Cumberland University, and it is incredible to see how much growth has happened. From a numbers standpoint, the group has gone from having 3 members in the beginning to almost 20 each week currently. When it comes to spiritual growth, it is incredible to see God working in this group and in each college student. This is a safe, welcoming place for anyone to wander into no matter one’s color, race, denomination, or even where they are in their walk with Christ. Joy and excitement fill the atmosphere for this year and all of the events being planned. We have made connections with First United Methodist in Lebanon to bring us meals on Wednesday nights and soon we will have monthly communion services. We are also going to reach out to other churches in the community to build connections there, as well as, continue partnering with Wesley Fellowships around us to have relationships with those students. Service is important to our group, so we are in the process of planning ways to help our surrounding community and hopefully communities a little further away like we have helped in the past year such as Grundy County, Tn, and Puerto Rico. There are some amazing people doing amazing things at this university, and it is so exciting to see God’s love spread throughout campus.

Riley Kilian is a Junior at Cumberland University and is the founder of the United Methodist Student Movement at Cumberland University. Contact Riley.