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2018 Retirement Class



Our theme for the 2018 annual conference was See All The People and one of the special groups that we wanted to “SEE” and celebrate in a new way was our clergy who were retiring.

At a special luncheon in honor of our retirees, they each had an opportunity to speak in front of gathered colleagues, guests, and families. They also created a video montage in the spring in which they talk about their call to ministry as well as share memories and advice for those answering their call to ministry.

Some of our clergy had not made the decision to retire in time to be included in this video. We hope they will participate in the next video with the 2019 class.

Class of 2018, we want to thank you for your faith, your life, your leadership and your ministry in the Tennessee Conference.

2018 Retirement Class

James S. Capps

Mark T. Carrigan

Thomas E. Chandler

S. LeNoir Culbertson

Brent Davis

James H. Fields

Paul E. Gardner

Connie O. Hall

Jon A. Hand

J. Thomas Herring

A. Lynn Hill

Richard V. Hinton

Robert L. Jordan

Richard F. Morgan

Larry G. Pedigo

Rebecca A. Peeler

R. Michael Potts

Gloria Scott

Dewey L. Smith

Rita Joel Stephens

Von W. Unruh

Janet L. Wolf