SC Flood Response - How You Can Help

Many of you have contacted us wanting to know the best way to help those in need due to the flooding in SC. We have been in communications with the South Carolina United Methodist Conference Disaster Response Staff. They have communicated the following current needs from us:


Pray for families who are impacted by this disaster through loss of property and livelihood.  Pray for first responders and all those who put themselves in harm’s way to care for the vulnerable in our midst.  Pray that communities will come together and forge stronger relationships and connections in the recovery process.  Pray for God’s sustaining grace through it all.”  - Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, the South Carolina United Methodist Conference 

Health Kits

Many people had to leave their homes without even the basics for day-to-day living. Click here for a list of preferred kit contents and watch the video of how to put a kit together. Assembled kits may be dropped off at the TNUMC Conference office at 304 S. Perimeter Park Drive, Nashville, 37211 on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Financial Assistance

Funds are needed to immediately deploy Early Response Teams already in SC. While they do NOT need flood (cleaning) buckets, they do need other supplies. You may directly give to the South Carolina United Methodist Conference Disaster Response effort using this link:

Trained Volunteers (who can assist at a later date)

The South Carolina United Methodist Conference team is doing an assessment of needs and will communicate to us when our Early Response Teams can come to SC to assist. IMPORTANT: They will only accept properly trained volunteers AND our teams must be invited by SC before being deployed.

If you have not been trained, there is a November 14 opportunity in for Early Response Team (ERT) training at Grace UMC in Mount Juliet, TN. Space is limited. Register now TNUMC Early Response Training.


TNUMC Disaster Response Page (this site will be update regularly)

Article about the flood and the South Carolina United Methodist Conference response: South Carolina trusting in God, helping neighbors after ‘1,000-year-flood’ catastrophe


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