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The TN Conference is comprised of seven (7) districts where there are 50 predominantly African-American churches with a total of 5,075 members. The average attendance each Sunday is 2,717.

Clarksville Dist.: 6 churches, 231 members, 186 avg. attendance

Columbia Dist.: 5 churches, 256 members, 140 avg. attendance
Cookeville Dist.: 10 churches, 379 members, 299 avg. attendance
Cumberland Dist.: 8 churches, 658 members, 391 avg. attendance
Murfreesboro Dist.: 8 churches, 619 members, 310 avg. attendance
Nashville Dist.: 11 churches, 2872 members, 1353 avg. attendance
Pulaski Dist.: 2 churches, 60 members, 38 avg. attendance

More info:
> There are 36 charges served by 11 full-time pastors and 25 part-time pastors
> There is one African-American serving as Superintendent (Columbia Dist.)
> One as Director of the CCOCM
> Two serve as directors of the Wesley Foundations, TSU and Fisk University
> There are 7 African-Americans serving cross-racial appointments (3 in Nashville Dist., 2 in Cumberland Dist., 1 in Clarksville Dist., and 1 in Cookeville Dist.)
> One of these cross-racial congregations can be considered mixed (Hobson UMC) of East Nashville
> Nancy Webb Kelly UMC is a unique ministry in East Nashville with 76 African-American members and 8 Anglo members served by an Anglo pastor. This full-time ministry is connected to Community Care Fellowship and our United Methodist Mission.

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The SBC-21
sbc21.jpgThe General Conference has voted to set forth several new programs to address membership growth and development in the United Methodist Church utilizing the theme of Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.

The African-American segment of the UMC was to receive special attention and focus for growth and developing vital ministry. The special program is called SBC-21, better known as Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century.

The SBC-21 focus is to partner stronger churches with churches in need of assistance toward their development. The resource centers being the stronger churches as indicated previously will host persons from around the country to spend time in their church community observing and being mentored. They will then follow-up on a regular basis to evaluate and provide encouragement.

It is hoped that the efforts of the General Conference along with the resourcefulness of our Tennessee Conference will serve to help stimulate every church to be centers for vital, spiritual and dynamic ministries.

For more information, please visit the Black Methodists For Church Renewal website by clicking on the banner below:

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